Outsourcing your workload to us: payroll and auto-enrolment

For many clients, payroll is a headache made more difficult by the confidentiality and regulatory aspects (such as GDPR and auto-enrolment compliance).

We can provide a payroll service as part of a compliance package, giving you:

  • Customised payslips that can be automatically issued to staff by email
  • Administration of PAYE, NI, Statutory Sick and Maternity Pay, holiday pay etc; making sure your staff are paid the correct amount and at the right time
  • Returns filed on time with HMRC to meet RTI compliance obligations and avoid penalties
  • Summaries to you of staff costs, department costs, etc. – and journals for direct entry into your accounting system
  • Administration of bonuses, incentive schemes, starters, leavers, etc.

In addition, we support you in meeting your auto-enrolment obligations, including:

  • Registering with the Pension Regulator and compliance filing and reporting
  • Registering with a Pension Provider and meeting their requirements
  • Processing auto-enrolment alongside your payroll:
    • executing necessary employee checks and ongoing assessments
    • providing necessary correspondence for employees
    • calculating and reporting deductions to you and other parties
    • making compliance declarations.

Whatever your business, operating payroll efficiently is an essential part – and any errors are costly.

Help is available now; please contact us today.