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Sharon Bryant
Bryant Electrical (South West) Ltd

“Lovely to have met up with you on Friday.  Believe it or not, in the 25+ years that Pete has been trading, the meeting with you was the first one ever where we went through accounts - very refreshing.”

Wells Information Security Limited

“Now that the time has come to ‘close’ the company and retire I thought I would write to thank you and your talented team for the support you have given to the company, and to me, over the years.

There is so much to do when setting up and managing a ‘Small Business’ and the most worrying and concerning of these is the management of Tax and Accounts; Invoices; Corporation Tax; VAT (Collections and Returns); Annual Account returns; Payments to staff; Management of Shares; Issuing of Dividends and Interactions with HMR&C.   Add to these the production and management of legally required Company Documents and Tax advice and the list of activities you lifted from my shoulders just seems endless! 

By taking these concerns away, you and your staff allowed me to concentrate on my core business. 

The fact that we are a small (perhaps ‘micro’) business didn’t mean that we were treated with any less ‘weight’ or ‘priority’ by your staff.  Indeed, they were always ‘proactive’, making sure that my business interactions with HMR&C and Company’s House, were always timely.  Of course they were also ‘reactive’ when I made the inevitable error and provided highly effective resolutions.  

They are a great team of skilled and friendly people!

So, thank you to OCL for the fantastic support over the years and may we wish you all the very best for the future.”

Writespeed Communications Limited

“As a nervous newbie running a new limited company, I have been so pleased with OCL. They are endlessly kind and patient, explaining everything without being patronising. Taking the self employed plunge can be scary as you worry about missing things, but OCL are a great partner."

Sagebury Fine Foods Ltd

“Thank you for your excellent customer service, OCL has one of the best things we have done as a business.”

Judith Jenkins, Sales and Marketing Director, Jenkins Developments Limited

"We have operated our property development, Limited Company for 30 years with my husband and I as the sole directors. During this time our professional advisers have been crucial to the success of the business and our ability to fulfil the very varied functions required of small businesses.

The team at OCL, headed by Mike Wilcox, have proved to be invaluable to us since joining them. Mike himself provides exactly what we and our business need by being readily available to be an excellent sounding board and adviser with regards to making the best of our business and it stands, and when crystallising new ideas to move the business forward. He has also come to us with initiatives that have helped us to position ourselves more effectively for the upturn in our industry.

Mike’s support team are always friendly, knowledgeable and efficient and have helped us set up new accounting practices, which enable us to manage and access data very effectively, saving us time and staffing costs.

For us, in our 30 years’ experience, OCL Accountancy is the best fit we have found."

Declan Ryan

"Having moved from London to Bath five years ago, we were looking for a new accountant after using a large firm for a number of years and finding it impossible to get them to understand the differences between our business and their 'standard' client. Since working with Mike and the team at OCL, we get a much more personalised and responsive service completely tailored for our needs."

Tilden International Limited

Peter Meyer, Chairman, Tilden International Limited

"OCL Accountancy has provided us with supportive and imaginative service in both our UK and overseas work for over 20 years - their highly-personalised service and quick responses have been invaluable and have helped significantly to our success."

LalPac Limited

Peter Colson, Managing Director, LalPac Limited

Which services do we supply your business with?

"Almost anything from Management Account preparation, general advice and support on day-to-day accounts issues, to board-level advice and assistance on almost any matter relating to the successful running of a company.

What impact/difference has the company’s services made to your business and its development?

I believe our turnaround and new-found enthusiasm for the future is largely attributable to the advice and assistance given by Orpheus since they became involved 18 months ago. If profit is a guide, we have achieved as much in the last twelve months as in the whole of the previous five years.

How would you rate the services provided by the company and has the support of the company been positive?

I have found the services provided by OCL Accountancy to be competent, thorough and professional. I also appreciate their openness and honesty regarding topics out of their scope, although they invariably know where to find competent and professional assistance when required.

What would you say to anyone considering using the company?

With his wealth of business experience gleaned from a diverse range of industries, Mike has proven time and time again his ability to cut through all the periphery to identify the core issues quickly, recommend cost-effective and sensible solutions and assist in their implementation.

Having OCL around allows my team and I to concentrate on our core IT and software development skills instead of the intricacies of running a business. Our technical competency, coupled with Orpheus' business management competency, produced a very well-rounded and capable team.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Mike Wilcox and his team at OCL to anyone looking for outside assistance in making a company work better and more profitably.

My only reservation in recommending him to others is that he may then have too little time to give us the level of assistance we currently benefit from!"